B&L Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Disposable Colored Contact Lenses

Daily Toss | 30 Tablets/Box

Bausch & Lomb LACELLE COLOR DIAMOND diamond color daily disposable contact lens series is based on the perfect cut of diamond eight arrows, showing the brilliance to the fullest. The three colors include pink, ice blue, and flash brown. The rare diamond color makes you and your beauty Eyes are surprisingly shining!

Product Name: Bausch & Lomb LACELLE COLOR DIAMOND Diamond Color Daily Disposable Contact Lens Packaging: 30 pieces/box Wearing Mode: Daily Disposal Diameter: 14.2 mm Ring Diameter: 12.9mm
Material: 42% Water + 58% Hefilcon A
Moisture content: Not specified
Oxygen permeability: Not specified
Anti-UV: Not specified

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