B&L Bausch & Lomb LACELLE Daily Disposable Colored Contact Lenses

Daily Toss | 30 Tablets/Box

Bausch & Lomb LACELLE LIMBALRING 1Day Big Eyes CON series uses natural colors - the new two-color drunken gold and brown, as well as soft brown, plain black, and cool gray, to create a slightly enlarged effect for the eyes, showing the most confident side of daily life .

Product Name: Bausch & Lomb LACELLE 1 DAY Big Eye Eye Makeup CON Series Daily Disposal Colored Contact Lenses Packaging: 30 pieces/box Wearing Mode: Daily Disposal Diameter: 14.2 mm; Ring Diameter : 12.8mm, 12.9mm
Material: 42% Water + 58% Hefilcon A
Moisture content: Not specified
Oxygen permeability: Not specified
Anti-UV: Not specified

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