DELIGHT Toric Hydration Plus Monthly Toric Contact Lenses

Monthly Toss | 6 Tablets/Box

DELIGHT TORIC HYDRATION PLUS monthly disposable astigmatism contact lenses use the deep moisturizing molecule HydrationPLUS (Hyaluronic Acid). HA molecules can lock a thousand times of water, making it more comfortable and healthy for the eyes to wear regular contact lenses all day long. It is especially suitable for those who work in the air-conditioned environment and facing the computer for a long time. It can maintain the comfort of the eyes. Its patented double aspheric zoom design allows users to obtain a clear view.

Product Name: DELIGHT TORIC HYDRATION PLUS Monthly Disposable Astigmatism Contact Lens Packaging: 6 pieces/box Wearing Mode: Disposable monthly Diameter: 14.5mm
Material: 45% Methafilcon A + 55% Water
Moisture content: 0.55
Oxygen permeability: Unknown
Anti-UV: Yes

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