B&L Bausch & Lomb BIOTRUE 1Day One-Day Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Toss | 30 Tablets/Box

Bausch & Lomb BIOTRUE Oneday disposable contact lenses are 1-Day full-comfort Con made by Bausch & Lomb using the revolutionary material Hyper Gel®. The outer layer of the lens imitates natural tears to prevent moisture from evaporating and lasts for 16 hours. The moisture content of the lens is similar to that of the cornea of ​​glasses It is 78%, allowing users to wear it without burden. Product Name: Bausch & Lomb BIOTRUE 1-DAY HD Moisturizing CON Daily Disposable Contact Lens Packaging: 30 pieces/box Wearing Mode: Daily Disposal Diameter: 14.2 mm
Material: HyperGel (B&L Patent)
Moisture content: 0.78
Oxygen permeability: Unknown
Anti-UV: Yes

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