ACUVUE Define Fresh 1-Day Colored Contact Lenses

Daily Toss | 30 Tablets/Box

ACUVUE DEFINEFRESH color contact lenses are inspired by nature, 4 dazzling colors, with 3 layers of exquisite hand-painted design patterns, perfectly blending with the iris, making your eyes shine and dazzling.
For the correction of myopia.

Product Name: Johnson & Johnson 1 DAY ACUVUE DEFINE FRESH Daily Disposable Color Contact Lens Packaging: 30pcs/box Wearing Mode: Daily Disposable Diameter: 14.2mm
Coloring diameter: 13.01mm
Material: 58% Water + 42% Etafilcon A
Moisture content: 0.58
Oxygen permeability: Near 25Dk/t as moist
UV protection: 95% UVB and 50% UVA

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